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Adamantite Claws.png
Faction Magmar Aspects
Cost 4

Ability Your General gains +4 Attack.

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Your General gains +4 Attack.


Adamantite Claws is the archetypal Magmar artifact, thought it is not as common as one would expect. When equipped, they provide the power to remove most 5-drops or to push damage on the enemy General. Because of the absurdly high attack the Claws provide, the enemy General is loathe to attack the enemy General to remove it. Instead, they use pings and burn spells to remove it safely. Because most factions can remove artifacts using the aforementioned methods, Adamantite Claws is not played in standard Magmar decks. It is, however, a fine inclusion in "all-in" Aggro decks or midrange decks featuring Grove Lion.

Gauntlet Strategies[]

Adamantite Claws will allow your general to kill 6-health minions as well as do heavy damage to face. Added with Vaath's Bloodbound spell, Adamantite Claws can represent a large tempo swing. As with other artifacts, it is best to equip Claws when the opponent has few minions, or ways to deal chip damage. Because pings are uncommon in Gauntlet, this card is stronger in Gauntlet than in constructed.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Adamantite Claws 6 mana "Your General gains +6 Attack."

v. 0.0.4 - Cost lowered to 4.

v. 0.42.0 - Attack gained lowered from 6 to 4.


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