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Aerial Rift.png
Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 1

Ability Give your minions Airdrop this turn. Draw a card.

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Give your minions Airdrop this turn. Draw a card.


Aerial Rift is among the most underused cards in the game - and for good reason. Providing minions with Airdrop is only marginally useful. It is even less useful in a faction that features the Zeal keyword, which confers benefits to minions that are positioned next to a friendly General. While card cycle is always nice to have, the effect is too low-impact to justify play. If Lyonar players desire low-cost cycle, better options are available in Sun Wisp and Aegis Barrier.

Gauntlet Strategies[]

Having Airdrop for 1 turn is not particularly important in gauntlet, especially since Lyonar Gauntlet decks tend to draft a significant number of cards with the Zeal keyword. Aerial Rift is often "draw a card for 1 mana", making it a mediocre card.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.20 - Added: Aerial Rift 1 mana "Give your minions Airdrop this turn. Draw a card."

Card Lore[]

Gieves Sunsteel sucked at his teeth. 'They'll be here.'

The Silverguard Captain scanned the twisting underground passageways and adjusted the rivets of his full-plated armor, the inky blackness of the tunnels weighing heavily on his Silverguard Knights. His vanguard descended deeper into the bowels of the Serpenti nesting groves. The light grew brighter, leaking into the passage from a narrow archway up ahead. The sloping tunnel opened into a cavern with dense clusters of glowing inkhorn and creep moss, revealing mangled corpses piled in heaps a stride tall, arranged in neat piles like meat in a butcher's shop.

'Shields up,' breathed Gieves, his soldiers forming into a phalanx of impenetrable burnished steel around him. A distant scraping, cracking, and rattling echoed along the cavernous chamber.

Out of the burrows white shapes came, swarming over the ceilings like angry ants from a broken nest, boiling down the walls in a formless mass of twisted limbs, and snarling mouths and scraping claws. The pale horde tumbled down, an avalanche of gnashing fangs and clattering rock splinters. The subterranean chamber crawled with them — a slavering, clattering, hissing infestation.

'By Eyos,' someone whispered.

Gieves gritted his teeth, and he curled his armored fingers around the cold grips of his tower shields, and he watched the Serpenti come. A dozen strides away now, the front runners, and coming on fast.

'Ready the Rift!' roared Gieves. All around him the shields creaked as they angled down, men holding their breath, jaws clenched, armor grim and dirty.

Then the Sun Crystals chimed precisely in a semi-circle on the ground. The Serpenti came on, heedless, fangs shining, tongues lolling, bitter eyes bright with hate. The first portal appeared. Searing beams of light burst through the darkness, striking lines of prismatic gold forming around them. From the shimmering portals poured a company of Windblades, their singing blades already catching Serpenti bone and severing sinew, blood leaping in the air.

The Radiant Legion had arrived.


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