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Battle Panddo.png
Faction Songhai Empire
Cost 3
Attack 2
Health 4

Ability Whenever this minion takes damage, deal 1 damage to all enemies.

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Denizens of Shim'Zar


Whenever this minion takes damage, deal 1 damage to all enemies.


  • Battle Panddo's AoE counts as damage inflicted by the minion. This enables special interaction with cards such as Deathstrike Seal and Lionheart Blessing.
  • The Battle Panddo and Deathstrike Seal interaction, however, does not kill minions with Rebirth or Forcefield either making the respective minion turn into an egg or the forcefield temporarily dissappearing.
  • When a General equipped with Morin-Khur is attacked by or is attacking a Battle Panddo and there is an egg controlled by this General on the battlefield, the egg takes damage from the Panddo but at the same time it hatches, yielding an undamaged minion.


Battle Panddo has found a home in many Songhai decks due to its devastating boardwide ping and to this end, Battle Panddo becomes fairly useful in eliminating 1 health and 3 health minions. While it controls the board in such a manner, the minion also gradually damages the enemy General. For these reasons Kaleos Xaan players use Battle Panddo extensively. In concert with his Bloodbound Spell, Battle Panddo can find a prime target to strike for its effect to trigger. In addition, its synergy with Deathstrike Seal enables full board clears (excluding Forcefield and Rebirth minions) earning it the nickname "Poison Panddo". Along with this combo, Songhai players regard Battle Panddo with high esteem.

Gauntlet Strategy[]

This card is fairly decent in Gauntlet because it provides pings. However, you will probably lack the Deathstrike Seal synergy.

Balance Changes[]

v. 1.7.1 - Added: Battle Panddo 3 mana 2/4 - Whenever this minion takes damage, deal 1 damage to all enemies.


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