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Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 0

Ability Stun an enemy.

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Stun an enemy.


A Stunned unit cannot move nor attack.


Beam Shock is a somewhat impactful card, especially in the early game struggle for Mana Springs. However, it fails to impact the board in a significant manner--it does not develop or remove minions. Further, players will their hand size small when incorporating Beam Shock in thier decks. With the release of Slo, Beam Shock has been obsoleted for the most part. Both cards cost 0 mana and restrict movement, but Slo offers ramp potential and develops a board state. In conclusion, despite Beam Shock being useful in certain cases, its low board impact and printing of Slo have made it an incredibly rare sight in Duelyst.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: 2 mana "Stun an enemy minion. Retribution: Destroy it instead."

v. 0.0.9 - Cost lowered to 0.

v. 0.0.24 - Text changed to "Stun an enemy minion or General."

Card Lore[]

There were snarls of pain and surprise from men and lions alike. One arrow hit Darian in the left side; he struggled to master the shock as he drew his sword.

‘Hold together!’ Lord Caldein shouted. His palms pulsed with prismatic light, then electrifying beams erupted from his arms, piercing through the hearts of two assassins. Then his arms dropped as a sword ran through his chest. He gazed down at the bloody blade as it pulled back out of him. Then he pitched off of his lion.

Tobias kneed his lion forward to join Darian. Together the brothers crashed into the bushes where the arrows had come from. Screams erupted from the assassins as they found themselves in battle. One of them tried to use his bow to block Tobias's swing; the Highmayne son cut through both bow and wielder. Then Tobias slid out of his saddle and sprawled on the ground, a dagger lodged in his throat.

From the corner of his eye Darian saw Tobias fall, but battle discipline held as he kept his focus on the enemies before him. There were three of them, and they were trying to pin him with two on the right and one on the left. He guided his mount to the right, letting the lion deal with one man while he dealt with the other. His opponent was a skilled fighter, but not enough to overcome Darian's ferocious attack. The Highmayne split the man's skull with one overhand strike, and he spared a moment to note that his lion had disemboweled its target. As he turned toward the man on the left a blinding pain filled his head and he forgot all else. The assassin took the opening and stabbed Darian through the abdomen.

‘By Eyos, this was a bloodbath!’ the assassin said, glaring at Argeon. ‘I've lost everyone! You said the Cabal--’ The words were cut off with a scream as Argeon's sword slashed deep into his chest.

The Highmayne Cub looked down on the dying man. ‘Honor demands that I avenge the deaths of my kin,’ he said calmly, and he slid his blade down to finish the matter.

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