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Blast is a keyword ability exclusive to Vetruvian cards. Its text reads, "Attack all enemy minions and Generals in one straight line."


  • If a Blast unit attacks a nearby enemy diagonally, it will not attack any other units in that diagonal.
  • The damage hits all targets equally. No damage is lost as the attack pierces multiple targets. This means that the effects of cards like Falcius and Psionic Strike can apply to multiple enemies.
  • Though Blast has some similarities to Ranged, it is a different mechanic entirely and is not affected by abilities that affect Ranged minions.


  • If your opponent is playing Blast units or Wildfire Ankh, try to avoid lining your minions up.
    • However, Stars' Fury can also cause problems if you separate your minions too thinly.
  • Minions and Generals with Blast are not counterattacked by enemies that are out of range, except for units with Ranged.
  • Blast units will not Blast when counterattacking.
  • It’s a good idea to place your Blast minions in the center row and the furthest tile back, as you can then effectively reach all tiles on the battlefield with your massive range!

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