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BBS Infographic

Bloodbound Spell (BBS) is a general's unique ability which can be activated on every second turn.

Bloodbound Spells are available at the start of Turn 3 (note: not mana core 3). It is available every other turn until you reach full mana cores, at which it becomes available every turn (turns 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 etc). Bloodbound Spells are considered spells, and originally have their own slot (can be obtained by other means into your action bar). The timer shown is a countdown timer until your next cast is available, not a cooldown timer. You may choose to withhold a BBS the turn it's available to use on an 'off' turn (ex: use it on Turn 4) and it will refresh the following turn. BBS do not stack, so failure to use one will overwrite the previous one upon refresh.

Trivia[ | ]

  • added in v. 1.63
  • v. 1.87: name got changed from Bloodborn Spell to Bloodbound Spell after the partnership with Bandai Namco for legal reasons.

Strategy[ | ]

  • Because the BBS' differ so much every general is better suited to a different deck and playstyle.
  • It is possible to find out if your opponent's BBS is up during your turn. If your opponent's BBS is animated then it is up and he can use it next turn. If the BBS isn't animated and moving at all then the opponent used it last turn. This can be a little bit difficult to determine with certainty though.

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