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Bloodshard Golem.png
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 3
Attack 4
Health 3


Spirit orb.png


Bloodshard Golem is a Neutral Basic Minion given to all players when they first create their Duelyst accounts. It is a three core minion with four attack and three health. It has no abilities or keywords besides having the Golem subtype, making it easier for new players to use in their decks without worrying about special abilities or effects. Older players find a niche use for him as an early game Golem, though even in Golem decks he is sometimes replaced by Golem Vanquisher.


Bloodshard Golem is one of the worst Neutral minions in the game. Its stats, while average to good, are distributed poorly. This minion will die to most weak spells/pings. Moreover, its lack of effect in the pivotal 3-drop slot keep many deckbuilders away from this card. Golem decks have no use for this card as well since there are better choices.

Lore - The Blood Collector[]

The hardest part isn't keeping the extractor clean, or asking a helper to check the tank capacity. It isn't slogging through the battlefield, each leg fitted with pistons to pull pressure. It isn't even swatting away carrion birds trying to protect their next week of meals.

The hardest part of collecting blood is when the reservoirs are still alive.

The point strikes home, and I'm digging deep at the end of a long day. All the good stuff pools at the bottom of the corpse, see, so even if you're tired, even if you're a reeking, doddering mess of still-walking flesh, you have to push hard to make sure the proboscis gets deep enough. After that it's a hard lean on the handle, maybe a few half-hearted pumps of one leg to keep it going.

The day isn't over, though. Once everybody is full up, we have the long walk back to the port. After that, we have to drain out, one tank at a time, to the big vat on the ship. And even after that, we have to set sail to meet up with the metallurgists.

I'm shaken out of my reverie by a hand on my wrist. The grip is weak, the fingers barely curved around the cuff of my work gloves, but it's unmistakable. My eyes are already squeezed shut, my own hands already tight and pale on the handle, knuckles showing through thick skin.

Back to the work, back to the process. The metallurgists will look over the product, tapping ladles against the hard layer congealed on top, crumbling residue from the vat lid. They say they're looking for spirit, for material worthy of living again.

A brush of friction across my wrist is enough to tell me my work is done. My helped taps the tin lid of my tank to tell me it's full, and I turn automatically, pulling stained steel from the body. From the reservoir. It's hard work, but I'm a professional.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Bloodshard Golem 3 mana 4/3 Golem



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