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Triggers a special effect when this Minion is put into play whilst at least one other minion from the same tribe is on the board.

There are 7 tribes: Arcanysts, Battle Pets, Dervishes, Golems, Mechs, Structures, Vespyrs.


  • The Bond effect will still occur even if the minion on the board has been dispelled because belonging to a certain tribe can't be dispelled.
  • Bond is like a situational Opening Gambit. But it has one advantage over Opening Gambit, which is that it doesn't need to be played from the action bar to occur (similar to Intensify).
  • If a Bond minion is put into play via a Transform effect (such as Flawless Reflection), then the Bond effect may trigger.


  • When playing against enemies playing Bond minions, try to keep the board empty, preventing them from activating the Bond effect.

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