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Bounded Lifeforce.png
Faction Magmar Aspects
Cost 7

Ability Your General becomes 10/10.

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Your General becomes 10/10.

This card sets your base stats to 10/10, but it keeps any buffs from external sources (such as Overload). However, when played, it will effectively turn your new stats (including Overload) into a new base statline, causing any future Bounded Lifeforces to reset to 10 plus any uses of Overload since then. The easiest way to think about this card is that it gives you +8 attack and sets your health to 10 out of 10 (subsequent casts will not increase your attack). If necessary it can be also used as a heal.


This card basically fits only slower Magmar decks and it is typically used only as a finisher, since the hard cap of 10 health set on your general leave him very vulnerable to burst damage. It is mostly used in Vaath decks, given its synergy with Vaath's BBS, whose effects carry over after the transformation effect of Bounded Lifeforce. The main issue with the card, besides its high cost, is that your general must be next to the opponent's general to land the killing blow. This means that a smart opponent may guess you have the card in your hand and play defensively to keep the distance between the two generals, thus gaining time and increasing her possibility of finding good answers against your deck.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Bounded Lifeforce - 7 mana "Change each General's Health to 10."

v. Unknown - Changed to "Your General becomes 10/10".

Card Lore[]

There is life in the stones of Magaari, not from moss or mold, but from memory. The earth moves in slow steps, grinding edge against edge. Though the surface may erupt, though the lava may cool into new shapes, Magaari remembers what came before.

Each Magmar, with the thought to consider, has a choice. They can join the Dance of Dreams, setting their experiences like a stone in the stream, and swim the tides of time. Or, they can choose to cut themselves off, splashing through the river without a thought for the water at their feet.

Those who choose to live alone live loudly in a silent world. They are without kin, without history, without a path. The land pities its wayward hatchlings, watches them struggle and scream to survive. When they fall, they fall alone, but their lives do not disappear.

Every second they left unlived is a second sacrificed. A shorter life, a stronger life, a savage life. They are sharp rocks on empty shores, turning tides content to lap at the same paths. Magaari will not forget them.


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