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Breath of the Unborn
Faction Abyssian
Cost 4

Ability Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. Restore all friendly minions to full Health.

Spirit orb

Description[ | ]

Deal 2 damage to all enemy minions. Fully heal all friendly minions.

Balance Changes[ | ]

v. 0.0.2 - Added: Breath of the Unborn 4 mana "Deal 2 damage to ALL enemy minions. Restore all friendly minions to full Health."

v. 0.0.8 - Rarity changed from Common to Rare.

v. 0.0.30 - Rarity changed from Rare to Common.

Card Lore[ | ]

Down deep in the Bonemaw Mountains, Lilithe bleeds black against the stone.

Her pursuers are soaked gray from the rain in the half light of the caverns below, features obscured in the weak light reflected from the cavern walls — metal clamors as plate strikes plate in their chase. They splash through the flood without hesitation, without a second to rest. Their quarry knows the chasms as she knows her own name.

A roar makes the stream shiver in anticipation. She turns at the next junction to run face first into the hulk of a half-dead Abyssal Juggernaut—then slips and splashes onto her back. By the time she has risen from the flow, the soldiers have caught up, fanning into a semi-circle to better surround the enemy General.

She kneels to the torrent, cupping her hand to bring the water to her mouth. Her head falls back against her neck, and she sprays a mist into the air.

It thickens instantly, rolling up and out in tumbling spheres, braiding ropes of noxious cloud around ally and enemy alike. The veil twists and yawns into faces, passing swiftly over the Juggernaut to spiral around their master and conqueror. Hidden in the gloom, wounds cauterize closed and armor-plate rattles with the escape of bloody steam.

The General and her beast tread into the current. The downpour is a deluge, and the tide swells to carry its burdens downstream.

Animations[ | ]

Breath of the Unborn active