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Brightmoss Golem.png
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 5
Attack 4
Health 9


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Brightmoss Golem is a Neutral Basic Minion given to all players when they start the game. It is a five core minion with four attack and nine health. It has no effects or abilities other than the Golem subtype, and instead prioritizes absurdly high stats rather than powerful abilities. Newer players can use this as a midgame beater that can get lots of value by killing enemy minions. Older players find a use for this card as either a good five drop in pauper midrange decks or a midgame Golem for Golem decks.

Compared with the four core Hailstone Golem, Brightmoss has plus three health. Compared with the six core Stormmetal Golem, Brightmoss has four less attack and one more health. Brightmoss is statted very defensively and can survive many attacks without dying.


Brightmoss Golem like all basic Golems is the king of its cost in stat efficiency. It has a total of 13 stat points for just five cores. It is best played on curve or ramped out with cards like Darkfire Sacrifice in order to create a big threat that your opponent will probably use removal on. It's relatively low attack makes it hard to contest other five core minions, but it's high health makes it a huge sponge for damage and an excellent target for a Divine Bond on the following turn.

It's huge stats let it trade evenly or favorably with other five drops, even if it may take multiple hits.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Brightmoss Golem 5 mana 4/9


Card Lore[]

The forest is a tree. The snowmelt trickles down into streams, and the streams gather close into winding rivers flowing sustenance down through the valley. The branches reach outwards, sowing seeds to grow anew.

In spring and summer, the forest flowers and blooms, each bud unfurling, stretching to intertwine with others, to grow together. Even in the layer of lifeless leaf and un-sprouted seed at the forest’s floor, even in the canyons and crevices of the tree’s bark, animals forage and sprawl in their shelter and shade.

Come winter, outside life is extinguished. The fallen foliage and desiccated fruit mildew on the fallow forest floor. Where once the branches rustled in the wind, now they rattle and break, torn and tired beneath snowy burdens.

Bones are food in the roots, quiet quiescence is fury unfettered by mercy. They are born from the dead. They grow from the dead. They sow the dead.


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