Brome Warcrest

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Brome Warcrest.png
Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Attack 2
Health 25

Ability Bloodbound Spell: Summon a 1/2 Crestfallen with Zeal: Provoke in front of your General.

Spirit orb.png

Description[edit | edit source]

Conscript: Summon a 1/2 Crestfallen with Zeal: Provoke in front of your General.

Brome Warcrest is the third Lyonar Kingdoms General. You unlock him by winning 10 games with that faction on Ranked Ladder. His Bloodbound Spell creates a Crestfallen in front of him, a 1/2 with Zeal: Provoke. If the tile in front of him is blocked his BBS will do nothing.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Brome's BBS inclines him towards high-minion decks, especially the Trial Lyonar archetype popular in the Trials of Mythron meta. Tempo decks would much prefer Argeon Highmayne due to his BBS's greater immediate impact, and Healyonar decks typically suffer dramatically if Zir'An Sunforge is removed, due to a lack of consistent heal triggers.

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

  • v. 1.91 - added to the core set.
  • the visual bug with the Crestfallen (Provoke animation still visible even if out of range of Zeal) got fixed

Animations[edit | edit source]

Brome Warcrest Idling.gif
Brome Warcrest Breathing.gif
Brome Warcrest Running.gif
Brome Warcrest Attacking.gif
Brome Warcrest Casting.gif
Brome Warcrest Dying.gif