Duelyst Wiki

Card backs are a cosmetic item that appear during each card’s ‘flipping’ animation upon play. Each deck can be assigned its own card back in the Collection screen. Most card backs are purchasable and craftable with 400 Diamonds and 1500 Spirit respectively from the Shop, while others are exclusive to special events. Non-exclusive card backs may also be obtained from crates.

Image Name Description Obtained from
Card back default.png Default card back
Card back redstark blue.png Redstark Blue Banner of Aesteria’s House Ashbourne. Armory, crates
Card back silver azurite.png Silver Azurite Every sixty years is born the Silver Azurite Lion. Armory, crates
Card back sienna gold.png Sienna Gold Burning desire for the Gauntlet. Armory, crates
Card back dance of dreams.png Dance of Dreams Nothing is destroyed…Only transformed. Armory, crates
Card back denizens of shim'zar.png Denizens of Shim'Zar From the Shim’Zar Jungle. Armory, crates
Card back dawn of the duelysts.png Dawn of the Duelysts Given to players as a reward for contributing to the prize pool for the Dawn of the Duelysts Season 2 competition
Card back humble bundle.png Humble Bundle Given to players as part of the Humble Jumbo Bundle 7, September 2016
Card back snowchaser.png Snowchaser Dropped from Frostfire crates, December 2017