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Catalyst Quillbeast.png
Faction Magmar Aspects
Cost 3
Attack 3
Health 4

Ability Whenever you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to ALL minions.

Prophecy orb.png
Unearthed Prophecy


Whenever you cast a spell, deal 1 damage to ALL minions.


  • There is always the question if Quillbeast's effect will hit minions created by the spell (e.g. Ragnora's BBS) or not. That depends on if it is a single-target (Ragnora's BBS, Egg Morph) or multitarget spell (Fractal Replication). Quillbeast's effects procs before single-target spells but after multitarget ones.

The following interactions follow this logic:

  • If you use Egg Morph on a minion Quillbeast will proc first and deal damage to all minions before Eggmorph transforms the minion. Used on an egg it will hatch and the minion will have full health.
  • Ragnora's Bloodbound Spell Propagate Rage will activate the Quillbeast first, then summon the egg.
  • If an Abyssian player controls a Quillbeast (stolen by Bound Tormentor or Demonic Conversion) and they summon Wraithlings by Lilithe's BBS both Wraithlings will survive, if they use Wraithling Swarm all 3 will die. But in both cases it won't progress the Abyssian trial.
  • It works different with Deep Impact though: Quillbeast kills a minion that you cast Deep Impact on immediately.
  • Fractal Replication on Quillbeast causes every new Quillbeast to trigger and deal 3 damage all in all to every minion on board.
  • Despite Quillbeast usually procs before the spell resolves, it can still trigger some mechanics that should be available after the spell acted. In example, having Quillbeast and Oropsisaur on table and casting a spell that gives Grow (Gargantuan Growth, Endure the Beastlands, Verdant Fulmination) will cause affected minions to grow instantly, although all minions with 1 hp will still die. (All direct buffs prevent 1 hp minions from dying - Greater Fortitude, Blood Rage, etc. The Grow interaction is not a direct buff, and as pings happen before the spell, minions die.)

Balance Changes[]

v. 1.87 - added with the Unearthed Prophecy expansion.


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