In-game Definition

This Minion may activate twice per turn.
Pic Celerity.png


  • Celerity allows a minion to perform one of several possible sequences; these include:
    • Move-Move-Attack,
    • Move-Attack-Move-Attack,
    • Move-Attack-Attack,
    • Attack-Move-Attack, or
    • Attack-Attack.
  • A minion with Celerity is counterattacked after each of its attacks, so make sure to plan accordingly.


  • Even if you cannot attack twice, a minion with Celerity can move across the battlefield twice as quickly as other minions.
  • Reactivating an exhausted Celerity minion with a spell such as Inner Focus or Spirit of the Wild will give it two more activations.
  • Bonuses to Attack are effectively doubled with Celerity.

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