Duelyst Wiki

Thousands of years before the dawn of the modern age, a stellar alignment sent a star seed from the depths of space colliding into the planet Mythron, forever transforming the world and its inhabitants. Mythron’s single supercontinent shattered into seven new ones, each twisted and torn into a new terrain of jagged mountains, crystalline lakes, and storm-swept islands.

The vast, temperate continent of Celandine would become the home of the Lyonar Kingdoms. The lush, perilous continent of Xenkai would become the home of the Songhai Empire.

The arid, desolate continent of Akram would become the home of the Vetruvian Imperium. The shattered, broken chasms of Styxus would become the home of the Abyssian Host.

The primordial, volcanic continent of Magaari would become the home of the Magmar Aspects. In the far reaches beyond the Whyte Mountains, Halcyar would become the home of the Vanar Kindred.

And Aestaria, the central continent, was now marked by two concentric rings of colossal mountains thrust up by the cataclysmic impact. At its very center, a thousand miles across, was God’s Heel, the star seed’s impact crater.

The collision transformed Mythron’s climate as well. Vast storms swept across the reshaped planet, unleashing torrents of acid rain and devastating lightning. Maelstroms hundreds of miles wide churned the oceans. Temperatures fluctuated wildly between blistering heat and frigid cold, causing most of Mythron’s myriad life forms to perish.

Those few resilient creatures that survived found sanctuary underground or adapted to the unforgiving hellscapes of Mythron’s volcanic pits. But while the cataclysm wiped out countless species, it ushered in a new one as well. At the center of the impact crater, the star seed sent its cosmic roots into the very core of the planet, drawing on the magical energies it found there and transforming into the Great Tree of Eyos.

And that would bring changes of an even greater magnitude.