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AE 23,380 - 23,401

Enlightened by the wisdom and integrity of the Bloodbound and the Magmar, the newly liberated nations of Mythron agreed that war must never again roil their world. Nevertheless, the demand for crystals was a growing problem, and a Council of Mythron was formed to deal with it. In order to determine how much crystal energy existed and in what form, they knew they needed to explore the Monolith. But without the magic it contained, the Monolith was virtually inaccessible. Except, perhaps, for those who possessed extraordinary powers.

Several generations passed since the original Bloodbound quietly melded into the populace, and their identities had been so well hidden that the only way to determine those who were descended from them – those who shared the powers of the Bloodbound – was physical demonstration. A call went out for those who had been hiding their abilities to come forward and enter a contest of Bloodbound abilities – a Trial of Champions – based on intelligence, physical skills, and, most of all, magical aptitude. The contests were wildly popular among the people, uniting the nations in good-natured rivalry and diffusing the aggression of the more warlike contingents. The new Bloodbound were celebrated, a source of pride among their people, both because of their astounding abilities and the roles their forebearers had played in delivering Mythron from the Age of Darkness.

There were six winners, one of each the Lyonar, Songhai, Vetruvian, Vanar, and Abyssian, as well as Vaath, the Magmar. They were called the Senerei, in honor of the original Seven Stars selected by Kaon Deladriss' Trial of Champions. They would be the first to venture inside the Monolith in the sky, the first to see what the great blooming had brought forth. Tens of thousands came to God's Heel from every continent to watch as the new Senerei, powered only by their own magic, rose in the sky and entered the Monolith.