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Cosmic Flesh.png
Faction Vetruvian Imperium
Cost 2

Ability Give a friendly minion +1/+3 and Provoke.

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Cosmic flesh is usually outclassed by Scion's Second Wish. Most Vetruvian decks that have room for a 2 mana buff spell will choose Second Wish for its threat generation and "free" face damage. However, Cosmic Flesh sees some play in Arcanyst lists. Bestowing Provoke on a minion sometimes provides enough space to defensively place minions such as Aethermaster, Prismatic Illusionist, and White Widow. Further, Cosmic Flesh can be impactful in the early game. A 2-drop with Provoke and 3 extra health from the buff can constrict the opponent's movement. In this rather optimistic case, Cosmic Flesh can win you control of the Mana Springs.

Card Lore[]

The stars are cruel gods, but the desert is a lover to be won.

In times of peace, the people of the desert sought the boundaries of their lands, with forays deep into the desert. They found mountains with a thousand steep faces but no voice to speak of what lay within. It was Atar who found the pass through the mountains. It was Atar who found the fields of crystal, growing skyward like shattered fingers. It was Atar who reached out to grasp a spar, and found his skin replaced with obsidian.

It was Atar who watched his comrades' eyes go dark with jealousy, then blank as his counterattacks took their lives. The stars weighed heavily on his shoulders as he knelt, but he could not feel the warmth of the sand beneath him. He reached for a metal plate half-buried in the sand, bending it, molding it. His mask completed, he stood, chin tilted back to stare.

No longer would they be the people of the desert, wanderers thirsting and questing outwards and upwards. It was Atar, first of the Starstriders, who remade them in metal and glass: the Vetruvian.


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