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Crimson Oculus.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 3
Attack 2
Health 3

Ability Whenever opponent summons a minion, this minion gains +1/+1

Spirit orb.png


Whenever opponent summons a minion, this minion gains +1/+1


  • If killed by a minion's opening gambit, it will not gain +1/+1, because Opening Gambits happen first before the minion is on the board. The only exception for that is Fizzling Mystic.
  • Rebirth minions which die and transform into an egg will proc Crimson Oculus. But when the egg hatches back into the minion Crimson Oculus won't gain +1/+1.
  • Transforms caused by Egg Morph and Thumping Wave won't proc Crimson Oculus.

Balance Changes[]

Alpha - Added: Crimson Oculus 3 mana 2/2 "Opening Gambit: Nearby friendly minions gain Strikeback."

v. 0.0.6 - Reworked to 3 mana 2/3 "Whenever opponent summons a minion, this minion gains +1/+1."

Card Lore[]

Curled in her narrow bolt-hole, she woke to rustles and chitters.

There, over the bars of a grate, a rat ran circles around a snail no larger than her thumbnail. As she watched, the snail puffed up, its shell straining under the force of flesh beneath. The shell snapped, falling into pieces, but the flesh ballooned out and out until the snail, no, she recognized it now, the Oculus, was large enough to sit in her palm. She froze, limbs pulled back from the battle to come.

A quick tendril snapped out from where it had been wrapped around the soft scarlet body beneath, snagging the rat's tail before it disappeared down a drain. The two sinuous ropes twined together, then tightened as the Oculus pulled its prey closer and closer. It enveloped the rat, its soft body bulging as legs scrabbled for purchase against smooth skin. The whole sphere stretched and relaxed, cheeks pulled against food as a jaw works up and down.

Its tongue wrapped about itself again — it began to draw back from one corner, poking each bone out until it slipped slickly to the floor. She watched, transfixed, as the skull pushed up through the skin, stained with juices too weak to break it down, then set itself above the maw like a crown.

Slowly, she began to climb out. Right hand snug in a drain thick with moss. Left hand around a pipe. She began to pull herself up, toes questing for openings. A soft push took her from her feet. She snapped her eyes shut, wishing, praying. The tendril wrapped around her ankle, warm and wet.


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