Duelyst Wiki

Faction Neutral
Cost 3
Attack 3
Health 3

Ability Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion with Ranged.

Spirit orb

Strategy[ | ]

Crossbones has a targeted effect, and is thus considered a tech card (maybe create a page for Tech Card?). It is played in decks when a player expects an opponent to play a MECHAZ0R!-themed deck. Crossbones is the most efficient answer to MECHAZ0R! in the game; for that reason alone, it has seen occasional use. Along with dealing with MECHAZ0R!, Crossbones is generally useful against Reva. Reva will inevitably play a Heartseeker through her Bloodbound Spell. Crossbones can be depended upon to remove a Heartseeeker through its Opening Gambit. Depending on the state of the game, a Crossbones can seriously hamper the Reva player's plans.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Crossbones can only destroy Solpiercer if its zeal is active.

Balance Changes[ | ]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Crossbones 4 mana 3/4 Opening Gambit: Destroy an enemy minion with Ranged.

v. 0.0.13 - Cost changed to 3. Stats changed to 3/3.

Card Lore[ | ]

The dead do not change. Their spirits haunt no halls. As corpses they are the thousand faces of a familiar friend, the chill leaking in through the seams of the world. The birds tear through their eyes, the worms dig through their hearts, and the cold drips deep into their bones.

Though the body breaks down, though the world passes by, though the very surroundings turn against them, they cannot be anything but what they are. The past is a graveyard, littered with mistakes and eventualities, but no difference is made.

No longer. The soil is soft in this cemetery, the gravestones sleep beneath moss veils. The archers pick through the maze, confident of their safety in the shadow of the foot soldiers ahead. The last archer’s ankle sinks into the loam, tight in the grip of the earth.

He shakes it free, rising on the balls of his foot to push against the hard surface beneath. Hobnails in his boot score two lines, once when he steps up and out, and once when he scuffs over the hole. Where the lines cross, they dig deep enough to cut through the braincase.

The archers walk on. That night, they sleep beneath the stars. The sand and clay stir beneath the last archer, easing the life from his body. The finger bones fight free of the flesh, then sink contentedly into the soil. The wrists wriggle out, then the elbow. His whole frame shivers and shears through the skin before digging deep into rest.

At first light, a bird broods over a strip of sinew.

Animations[ | ]

Crossbones idle
Crossbones breathing
Crossbones run
Crossbones attack
Crossbones death