Dagger Kiri

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Dagger Kiri.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 5
Attack 2
Health 8

Ability Celerity

Spirit orb.png

Description[edit | edit source]

Celerity Dagger Kiri is a Neutral Common Minion. He costs five cores, has two attack eight health and Celerity. He is the only Neutral celerity minion.

His high health helps him to survive long enough to use both hits of Celerity, however his relatively low attack for a 5 drop makes each individual hit weak. Like all Celerity units he can move very far and can kill far away Ranged or Blast units.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Statwise Dagger Kiri takes a three stat penalty for his Celerity, having two less attack and one less health than Brightmoss Golem. However it is important to note that attack buffs are almost twice as effective, so cards such as Killing Edge can turn this low attack minion into a killing machine. A uncommon yet powerful play is to use Diretide Frenzy on Dagger Kiri, the Frenzy can be abused very easily and can help to gain board control.

Combo[edit | edit source]

Songhai has a very powerful combo for 20 damage with Dagger Kiri that works as follows,

This is a five card combo but can easily be played without having both Seals or both Inner Focuses.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

v. 0.0.2 - Added: Dagger Kiri 5 mana 4/3 Celerity

v. 0.0.9 - Changed Sprite

v. 0.0.10 - Added sound effects

v. 0.0.16 - Stats changed to 2/8

Animations[edit | edit source]

Animations[edit | edit source]

Dagger Kiri idle.gif
Dagger Kiri breathing.gif
Dagger Kiri run.gif
Dagger Kiri attack.gif
Dagger Kiri death.gif