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Dark Seed.png
Faction Abyssian Host
Cost 4

Ability Deal 1 damage to the enemy General for each card in the opponent's action bar.

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Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Dark Seed 4 mana "Change ANY one minion's stats to 10/1."

v. 0.0.20 - Reworked: Dark Seed 4 mana "Deal 1 damage to the enemy General for each card in the opponent's action bar."

v. 0.0.30 - Rarity changed from Common to Rare.

Card Lore[]

Five shadows, five lieutenants in reserve, five seeds to crack the soil.

By day the foot soldiers fought valiantly, spurred by their General's overflowing magical energy. By night they shivered around their campfires, the flickering flames a dark reminder in carbon and ash — no matter how bright you burn, you will die without magical mana.

The five officers met at midnight, summoned to the General's quarters. They strode through the camp like suns in human form, their gravity pulling the army into orbit. For each sun there was a stone, slipped into a boot or sequestered in a scabbard, waiting to be reborn.

Five men stood before the braziers in the General's tent, their shadows like twisted giants looming over the taut cloth. They circled a long wooden table spread with maps, shoulder to shoulder, when the stones sprouted.

Five blades found flesh, but the General did not fall. Five wounds for five weapons held back, but the sixth remained. Her armor was fractured, her flesh pierced, but the General lived. One by one, the vines withered, branches grinding themselves to dust. The fires burned on.


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