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Triggers a special effect whenever ANY Minion dies.

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  • Deathwatch is the specialty of the Abyssian.
  • Since your enemies’ deaths count too, Deathwatch Minions tend to make your opponent hesitant to Attack on their own turn until there are no more Deathwatches left.


  • Summon your Deathwatch minions before making your attacks for the turn.
  • Rush Minions work well with Deathwatch, as they usually die the turn they are summoned.
  • Instead of trading minions for damage early, try saving weak or low health minions to fuel your Deathwatch abilities later.
  • Best used in conjunction with Wraithlings, where each 1/1 token death can count towards Deathwatch, or Sarlac the Eternal or Gor, who keep coming back to life after death.

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