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Faction Neutral
Tribe Mech
Cost 5
Attack 5
Health 5

Ability Whenever this minion destroys an enemy, summon a different Mech minion from your deck nearby.

Immortal Vanguard.png
Immortal Vanguard



Whenever this minion destroys an enemy, summon a different Mech minion from your deck nearby.


  • Deceptib0t cannot spawn other Deceptib0ts from your deck, only different Mechs.
  • Deceptib0t does not spawn Ghoulie.
  • If Rae attacks Deceptib0t and dies, Deceptib0t will be dispeled and will spawn nothing.


  • At a cost of 5 without immediate board impact, Deceptib0t is kind of slow unless your deck has ways to bring it into the game earlier (Mana cost reduction, Mana ramp) or ways to use it immediately (Assassination Protocol, Aspect of Shim'Zar)
  • Deceptib0t is better played defensively, to then make use of movement spells or similar to hit a specific low cost enemy minion: Hearth-Sister, Juxtaposition, Daemonic Lure
  • Komodo Hunter could also be a way to provide easy targets to attack.
  • Thunderhorn and Scarzig are other minions requiring similar support.

It's better if your deck's other Mechs are only high-cost units (like S.I.L.V.E.R.): This prevents the disappointing outcome of a complex set-up to only spawn a Helm of MECHAZ0R.


In decks attempting to spawn multiple Mechs from a boosted Deceptib0t, the following bugs were observed (as of version 1.96)

  • When Deceptib0t destroys X other minions in a single attack (with Kinematic Projection or Furor Chakram), it will optimally (normally) yield X Mech spawns. There doesn't seem to be a guarantee that it'll summon X other Mechs (because of an unknown bug), but you will at least get 1. Mechs that are not spawned because of this problem stay in your deck.
  • When there is exactly one Metaltooth in the deck list, Deceptib0t fails to multi-spawn 100% of the time, only yielding 1 mech spawn even if there was a multi-kill.
  • Deceptib0t, sometimes, does not count buffed/dispelled minions as killed.
  • Deceptib0ts with Rush almost always summon only 1 minion at best during a multi-kill.

Balance Changes[]


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