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Wind Dervish idleDunecaster breathingKhanuum-Ka attack
Dervish is a tribe. Minions from the dervish tribe are exclusive to the Vetruvian faction. Many dervishes are summoned by Obelysks, which have the "Summon Dervish" keyword.

Notes[ | ]

  • Dervish is a tribe exclusive to the Vetruvian faction.
  • The most commonly seen dervishes are not minions that you can put in your deck, but tokens: wind dervishes are mostly summoned by Obelysks and iron dervishes are mostly summoned from Zirix's Bloodbound Spell and Exhuming Sand tiles.
  • Summoned Wind Dervish tokens are Ephemeral and disappear at the end of owners turn unless buffed by a Dunecaster.
  • Your Obelysks won’t spawn Dervish tokens if the Obelysk is surrounded.
  • Ephemeral is a special tag possessed by wind dervishes. It can be removed by a Dunecaster, but can't otherwise be dispelled.
  • Equally, when a wind dervish that has been buffed by a dunecaster is dispelled, it does not regain the "ephemeral" tag and does not disappear at the end of owners turn.

Strategy[ | ]

  • Don't be afraid to use your Dervishes aggressively because they disappear at the end of the turn.
  • All Dervishes are affected by Fireblaze and Windstorm Obelysks' buffs while the Obelysks are still alive and undispelled.
  • Windstorm Obelysks can be counterproductive because the extra point of health they give wind dervishes mean that the wind dervishes are more likely to block each other from attacking.

Tribe Members[ | ]

Iron DervishDunecasterDuskweaverDustdrinkerWind DervishOrb WeaverSand HowlerKhanuum-Ka

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