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Abilities and enchantments added to this minion are removed.

  • Any damage sustained to an enchanted Minion will remain after being Dispelled. This means if a Minion takes more than its original max health in damage, it will die immediately after losing its bonus Health!
  • Dispels applied in combat, such as Sunstone Templar, will apply before counterattacks if you are the attacker.
  • Walls are remnants of magic and will disappear when Dispelled.
  • Wind Dervishes will disappear when Dispelled, unless a Dunecaster has erased their ephemeral trait.
  • Some cards only Dispel enemy minions, while others target spaces directly, which you can use to clean up effects such as Shadow Creep.
  • Dispel will remove stun.
  • Mana Tiles will disappear when dispelled.
  • Dispeling your own Rush minion after it is summoned with something like Primal Ballast or Lightbender will remove the Rush effect.
  • Dispel will not remove effects that set an attack/health value (cards that use the becomes), e.g. Bounded Lifeforce. Usually you can tell this because the new stat is displayed in white rather than red or green
  • Dispel will not remove transformation effects, e.g. Aspect of the Ravager.
  • Dispel will not remove artifacts.
  • Dispelling Eggs will prevent them from hatching.

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