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Divine Bond.png
Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 3

Ability Give a minion +Attack equal to its Health.

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Give a minion +Attack equal to its Health.


A basic Lyonar spell that gives a minion +damage equal to the current amount of health it has. This synergizes naturally well with Lyonar as many of their minions boast very high hp, and late game can be used to end out a game. This spell is good for both generals (Argeon can add +2 damage if a targetted minion is low, and Zir'an can heal a minion back up, making it gain more damage) and is often a core piece for both viable and meme decks for Lyonar alike. Particularly nice on Ironcliffe Guardian, a 3/10 Airdrop Provoke minion. Can also be used on a Silverguard Knight for 8 (10 if roared) damage for a surprising hit if your enemy is caught off guard. Remember to heal up your minions first if you can!

Gauntlet Strategy[]

Odds are if you are playing Gauntlet you will come across a high-hp minion at some point as it's Lyonar's nature. Try to pick up one or two of these cards if possible, but avoid trying it make it the win-con (means of how your deck will win games) as there is no guarantee you will be able to grab these while drafting.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Divine Bond 2 mana spell Give a minion +Attack equal to its health.

v. 0.0.10 - Cost changed to 3

v. 0.0.61 - Cost changed to 2

v. 1.71 - Cost changed to 3


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