Drybone Golem

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Drybone Golem.png
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 7
Attack 10
Health 10


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Description[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Drybone, like the other Basic Golems is as stat efficient as it gets for seven cores, having a whopping 20 stat point total. It is best played as a finisher late game, as it forces your opponent to either run away or try to rush you down if you don't have an answer. If left alive, a well timed Divine Bond can deliver 20 damage to your opponent. In Golem decks, a win condition could be to ramp out Drybones and Stormmetal Golems and overwhelm your opponent completely.

It's huge stats let it trade favorably with any minion, most of the time in one hit.

Gauntlet[edit | edit source]

Removal is more difficult to generally come across in Gauntlet than it is in Ranked, thereby strengthening the viability of Dragonbone Golem as its 10 hp means it can withstand most spells that deal damage as opposed to outright removing a minion. Few minions in the game that also cost 7 mana can actually survive a hit from Dragonbone Golem, potentially forcing the enemy general to waste resources attempting to remove Dragonbone Golem and forcing the enemy general to run if its too close.

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Dragonbone Golem 7 mana 10/10 Golem.

v. 1.87 - Name changed from Dragonbone Golem to Drybone Golem.

Animations[edit | edit source]

Animations[edit | edit source]

Drybone Golem idle.gif
Drybone Golem breathing.gif
Drybone Golem run.gif
Drybone Golem attack.gif
Drybone Golem death.gif