Duelyst is a turn-based strategy game with ranked competitive play, developed by Counterplay Games. The studio features verteran developers of Diablo III and Rogue Legacy. The game was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign on April, 9th 2014. 

The game's release date is currently TBA.


Duelyst was originally developed as a tabletop boardgame. The game quickly turned from a small prototype to a full-fledged digital game. The developers have utilized Kickstarter to crowd-fund the game. The game was fully funded on April 9th, 2014, having raised a total of over $137,000.

Game InfoEdit

Duelyst focuses on squad-based tactical combat in intense 1 vs 1 battles. Players win by defeating the opposing player's general. Players can recurit over 300 battle units and spells each with different abilities that interact in unique ways in combat. The emphasis on unit positioning, abilities, and board control are the keys to victory.

As a Duelyst, you play the role of a Bloodborn General leading your squad into battle. You can call forth battle units, equip your General with Artifacts and cast spells against your opponents. Units are characters that contain four key stats, Attack, Health Points, Core Cost, and Ability. Only Units can move and attack on the battle map. Spells are effects that generally target empty tiles, allies, or enemy units. Artifacts are cards you can equip to your General with powerful effects, but have the drawback of being limited by a Durability.

The game features online multiplayer, with head-to-head matches in Ranked Draft, Ranked Normal, Practice Casual, and Single Player. or Draft mode. Each game session is designed to be played in less than 30 minutes. At launch, the game will contain 6 factions and a roster of over 100 faction-specific units and usable spells.

Game ModesEdit

Ranked Draft - Each player forms their squad from their collection of units in a Draft format. Each turn lasts 90 seconds in a head-to-head game.

Ranked Normal - Each player forms their own squad from their own collection of units. Each turn will last 90 seconds in a head-to-head game.

Practice Casual - Non-ranked play with no limit on the length of time for each turn.

Single Player - Practice against a computer AI, earn new units and spells as you progress in practice mode.




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