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Triggers a special effect when this Minion dies.

Triggering a Vorpal Reaver's Dying Wish


  • Transformation spells such as Metamorphosis and Aspect of the Fox will not trigger Dying Wish.
  • Cards with Dying Wish: Summon X on this space will not trigger if something spawns in the same square before Dying Wish triggers.

This is based on who initiates the action; the initiator’s effect takes priority.

  • For example, if player A destroys player B's Reaper of the Nine Moons by playing Dark Transformation, then the Reaper's Dying Wish will not trigger because player A (the initiator's) effect (summon a wraithling on this space) takes place first.
  • Spells such as consuming rebirth can be used to trigger Dying Wish effects.


  • When playing against enemies with Dying Wish, try using effects that transform or dispel them to negate their effect.
  • Tactically plan your Dying Wish triggers. While many units have a powerful Dying Wish effect, don't disregard their strength as a unit while they are alive either.

Collectible Cards with Dying Wish[]

Allomancer.pngAncient Grove.pngAuroraboros.pngAymara Healer.pngAzure Horn Shaman.pngCacophynos.pngCarrion Collector.pngCorpse Combustion.pngCrystal Wisp.pngDagona.pngDesolator.pngDioltas.pngDraugar Lord.pngDuskweaver.pngFenrir Berserker.pngFenrir Warmaster.pngGnasher.pngGor.pngGrimes.pngHexclaw.pngHorror Burster.pngIronclad.pngJaxi.pngKhanuum-ka.pngKlaxon.pngLurking Fear.pngMalicious Wisp.pngNecroseer.pngNekomata.pngNightmare Operant.pngOserix.pngPax.pngRae.pngReaper of the Nine Moons.pngSarlac the Eternal.pngSellsoul.pngSkyppy.pngUnseven.pngVoid Hunter.pngVorpal Reaver.pngWind Shrike.pngXho.pngZ0r.png

Tokens with Dying Wish[]

Luminous Charge Wall.pngFog.png

Related Cards[]

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