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Earth Sister Taygete.png
Faction Magmar Aspects
Cost 4
Attack 3
Health 4

Ability Whenever this minion takes damage, deal that much damage to all nearby enemies.

Spirit orb.png


Whenever this minion takes damage, deal that much damage to all nearby enemies.


  • Taygete can punish a Vetruvian player for summoning Lavastorm Obelysk because she can be used to create a 6 damage aoe when she gets hit by the 6 damage from the Lavastorm Obelysk. In this scenario dervishes that are to be summoned by the obelysk(s) will still appear and won't take damage from the Sister if they spawn nearby.
  • If Taygete is attacked by Syvrel the Exile, she will deal damage to enemies nearby before she will be pulled to Syvrel. Daemonic Lure works with Taygete the same way.
  • Earth Sister deals damage twice to the same minion. That means, she will proc Battle Panddo twice and always deal damage to a Forcefield minion. However, Rebirth minions will always leave an Egg behind, same with minions summoning something at the same spot upon death.
  • Taygete deals damage equal to her attack first, and then deals damage she gets from the enemy minion both in case of attacking and counterattacking. Thus, in trading she will destroy such minions as Sunsteel Defender, E'Xun and even Grandmaster Kraigon.

Balance Changes[]

  • v.1.66 - Added as achievement cards (The Seven Sisters) to the game, unlocked by getting full sets of six of her respective faction's rares
  • v. 1.71 - Health reduced from 5 to 4.

Card Lore[]

The tremors caused by Sterope's fury shook the earth and awoke the fourth star. Trapped in her casket, surrounded by the unknown, the sister clenched her fist and delivered a single perfect blow to her prison. A slit ran through the cocoon and it broke into two mirror halves. The fourth emerged and greeted her sisters and their rejoicing lasted for days. When their delight quieted, the new star declared her name to be Taygete.

Taygete’s former sarcophagus constantly leaked power, and that erratic energy became the star’s source of life. Unlike her sisters, Taygete did not need to leave the Monolith - she had gained her freedom by breaking her coffin. This immunity was welcome. The fourth had inherited the desire that would prove the hardest to fulfill, the wish of integrity: the Weeping Tree wanted the sister to travel far and wide in search for the legendary Thirteen Aspects and remind them of their role as Mythron’s protectors and guides. A nearly impossible task that, thanks to her freedom, she wouldn’t be forced to complete. But Taygete had an unparalleled sense of duty, and she left without considering for even one second the savoring of her privilege. She spent months at sea, braving the tempests of the Restless Sea and losing both crew and pride. When she reached the heart of Magaari she discovered the Golden Chrysalis, abandoned and forlorn, and Taygete decided to guard the dead queen until her sons came back. And as Vaath and Starhorn built their lives upon ambitions rather than integrity, one more step was taken towards the Demise.

Focus on your hand, the servant inside it

Look at her allegiance, the aspects she serves

Take the first letter of the clan, that’s all there is to it.

Original Crypto-Puzzle Below (Solved 6/28/16):

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