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Move anywhere on the battlefield.

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  • Flying minions can even move through enemies.
  • Flying minions that are dispelled lose flying, but can still move normally.
  • Despite being airborne units, Flying minions are still effected by battlefield tiles.
  • Even though they can move anywhere, remember that flying minions under the effects of Provoke cannot move.


  • An early flying unit can sneak in and take a Mana Spring before your opponent is able to.
  • You can also use Flying to move to a safe summoning position to make your Minions tougher to reach.
  • Summon flying minions safely away from combat so that they can stay healthy until you fly them into combat next turn.
  • Playing other Minions after flying a minion behind enemy lines as a “launch pad” can cause serious damage to your opponent’s weak spots.

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