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Golem Metallurgist.png
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 2
Attack 2
Health 3

Ability The first Golem you summon each turn costs 1 less.

Spirit orb.png


The first Golem you summon each turn costs 1 less.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Golem Metallurgist 2 mana 2/3 Golem "Your Golem minions cost 1 less to summon"

v. 0.61.0 - Text changed to "The first Golem you summon each turn costs 1 less."

Card Lore[]

I am an artisan in bone, stone, ice, and steel. Saws grind keening through joints, sheets of metal ring through the workshop, the ticking rhythms of ice picks set time, and I move in tempo. The rhythm of a factory, weaving staccato strikes and shifts of material, shaping limbs and spikes and skulls.

At the center of the workspace, at the center of my body: the sphere. The globe. The sun. My tangible soul. When my brother set it in my chest, I burned with it, burned with desire to move and forge, to create. I didn’t see it sink through solid steel, didn’t see my body ripple inwards, didn’t see its blank face ignite to life. Not then.

A thousand times since, a thousand thousands, my gauntlets still shake each time I stand over the prone figure of base material. We do not breathe. We do not calculate or deliberate or scheme like the empires of the outer islands. Their minds are hidden, their intentions twisted and complex.

We have nothing to hide. Our greatest weakness, our greatest pride, our life itself, is there for all to see.


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