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Grasp of Agony.png
Faction Abyssian Host
Cost 1

Ability Choose an enemy minion. When it dies, it deals 3 damage to enemies around it.

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Choose an enemy minion. When it dies, it deals 3 damage to enemies around it.


  • Technically, the damage from this spell comes from the minion that it's played on, so cards like Sojourner and Purgatos, the Realmkeeper have their on-damage effects go off (Note: Spectral Revenant does not as it specifies 'enemy minion'). Similarly, this card cannot damage Quartermaster Gauj.
  • Minions with Lion's Blessing effect active draw their general a card for each creature they damage with Grasp's effect.
  • Grasp can't be dispelled.
  • If you use Grasp of Agony on a Frostiva and then punch and kill it, the 3/3 Night Howler that Frostiva summons does not take 3 damage.
  • Grasp's effect will always affect the player and their minions which owns the minion on which Grasp was cast even if the ownership is only temporary. That means if you use Mindlathe on a minion you cast Grasp on before and you suicide the minion, not your opponent will get 3 damage but you and / or your minions if they are nearby.
  • Grasp of Agony triggers after Infest, that means all minions that die from Agony will get infested first and deal 2 damage (or more, if Infest was stacked) to their general upon their death. Note that Infest won't stack on adjacent minions because the effect is simultaneous for all of them.
  • Grasp also triggers after the minion's default dying wish if it has one. Hence casting the spell on Azure Horn Shaman standing nearby other enemy minions is not a great idea.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Curse of Agony 0 mana "Choose an enemy minion. When it dies, deal it's attack in damage to its General."

v. 0.0.22 - Reworked: Grasp of Agony 1 mana text changed to "Choose an enemy minion. When it dies, it deals 3 damage to all nearby enemies."

v. 0.33.0 - Rarity changed from Rare to Common.


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