Duelyst Wiki

Faction Magmar Aspects
Cost 4
Attack 3
Health 4

Ability Grow: +2/+2

Spirit orb.png


Grow: +2/+2

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Grimrock 4 mana 2/4 Grow: +2/+2

v. 0.0.22 - Stats raised to 3/4.

Card Lore[]

The wind blew wet and wild, sending ripples through the tall grass, stalks hiding the mouse that struggled through the underbrush. She flattened beneath a rotted log, paws scratching to dig a path.

The dank earth beneath the log leeched heat from the mouse, even as she worked harder and harder, wriggling towards the other side. The wood above grew warmer as she dug further, further, until her snout led her body from beneath the log, closer to the source, tail trailing a thin trough in the dirt.

The first drops of a rainstorm fell, haltingly at first, then faster, thicker, and suddenly it was all the mouse could do to keep her nostrils above water, snorting to keep them clear when a raindrop hit home. Upwards, to air, upwards, to survival. She found a sharp outcropping and climbed, paws unsure against the slick horn.

She was drenched now, shaking to make what heat she could, fur plastered to flesh. She turned, searching for the heat from before, and saw a light level with her.

Flickering viridian fire made the mouse’s eyes into pools of shining ink. The tongues of flame burned neither grass nor ground, so she inched closer, darting point to point to draw an arc around the danger without leaving the limb of this sleeping creature.

She scurried towards heat, towards survival, wedging her weight into a crack in the armor, sheltered beneath a shroud of sparks and steam.

Sunset sent darkness like a drumbeat over the world. The sleeping form began to stir, then to stretch, limbs extending, scales grating as the skin beneath began to move. Wounds knit closed, crevices pushed together.

The Grimrock rose to stand tall in the night, fists ablaze. On its shoulder, a tuft of brown fur waved in the breeze.


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