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Decklists and faction specific guides can be found here.

New players can jump right into the introduction videos shown below!

Basic Guides[]

If you're new to Duelyst, we recommend you check out the great introduction videos shown below!

If you want some more info, you can check out the Getting Started page. If you'd rather learn various tips, see the General Tips guide

General Links[]


Tournament streams/reports[]

Outdated streams
Tournament Report 5-3-18
Duelyst Melee Season 1 casted by F8D
Duelyst Tuesday Melee casted by F8D
Rookie Brawl 4 casted by SonofMakuta
Rookie Brawl 5 casted by SonofMakuta
The Monolith Climb Top 4 decks v.1.95 with Stream
Ostracon Constructed Brawl #3 Stream v.1.95


Modding guides


Strategy Guides[]

If you want to learn about general strategies used in Duelyst you can find a lot of information here.

Game Strategies[]


  • Freud's Guide to S-Rank (tierlist outdated but good advice in general and for several archetypes)


Opening Moves[]

Cards to play around and Card Advantage[]


Outdated guides
Grincherz's Disenchanting Guide v.1.93
Must craft neutral cards guide v.1.93
Strategy Shorts #15 - The Best 2-Drop In The Game v.1.94
New Generals Review by Grinch v.1.91 (before the Immortal Vanguard expansion)
Faction staples for new players v.1.95
F8D's Disenchanting Guide v.1.95


Getting better[]