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Hailstone Golem
Faction Neutral
Tribe Golem
Cost 4
Attack 4
Health 6


Spirit orb

Description[ | ]

Hailstone Golem is a Neutral Basic Minion that is automatically given to all players when they start playing Duelyst. It costs four cores, has four attack and six health. Hailstone Golem has no text or abilities besides being of the Golem subtype. Because of this, new players can easily use Hailstone Golem for it's tempo swing and big body without worrying about any sort of ability. Older players can still use Hailstone Golem either in Golem synergy decks or in midrange decks that need beaters.

Compared with it's cheaper cousin Bloodshard Golem, Hailstone Golem has the same amount of attack and an extra three health for one more core. Compared with it's older cousin Brightmoss Golem they both have the same attack, but Hailstone Golem has three less health.

It's reverse counterpart Thorn Needler has six attack and four health, but it doesn't have the Golem subtype.

Strategy[ | ]

Like all Basic Golems, Hailstone Golem is the king of its mana cost in stat efficiency. It's best used on turn four as your opponent will usually need to trade multiple minions or hit it with his face in order to kill it. However in dedicated Golem decks it is best used after either Golem Metallurgist or Golem Vanquisher to make it cheaper or give it Provoke respectively. Because it's body is so big it can kill almost any other four drop and some it can even kill without dying itself such as Emerald Rejuvenator!

Trivia[ | ]

  • "Hailstone" is a name shared by two cards, Hailstone Golem and Hailstone Prison. Both have a light blue ice theme.

Balance Changes[ | ]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Hailstone Howler 5 mana 5/5 Provoke

v. 0.0.22 - Replaced by Fireblazer. Reworked: Hailstone Golem 4 mana golem 4/6

Card Lore[ | ]

The snow melted the land, smothered its shapes, and raised its peaks. The mist coalesced into dew in daylight, but froze at dusk to a crust of ice.

Each pace cut and crunched its way through the surface to sink into packed snow beneath, leaving an oval of darkness sheltered from the moon’s milky shadow. Smaller footsteps, quicker crunches. The Chronicler stopped to look over the landscape from the mountain top.

He leaned on the ice and felt it give away beneath his foot. His knee bent to catch the weight, sinking even deeper. Next moment, he was tumbling in a deluge of powder, arms outstretched, reaching for any solid surface.

An ungloved hand caught a sharp shard and tore like dead skin, living flesh rent and blood stanched by the freezing air, holding fast to the surface. He stuck as a stake in the tide, waiting for the wave to pass him by. When it cleared, he hung by one hand on a frozen waterfall.

His fingers clasped the corner of a step in the icy stairway of ripples and spikes. His other hand, already sluggish and pale, scrabbled at the cliff. Thick fingers found no purchase. Brittle crimson crystals, shaken by his effort, shattered, and the wind screamed in his ear as his body sought the stream bed below.

Four fingers remained as an outline in red with ice as its canvas, frost as its tomb, moon as its soul.

Animations[ | ]

Hailstone Golem idle
Hailstone Golem breathing
Hailstone Golem run
Hailstone Golem attack
Hailstone Golem death