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Healing Mystic.png
Faction Neutral
Cost 2
Attack 2
Health 3

Ability Opening Gambit: Restore 2 Health to anything.

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Opening Gambit: Restore 2 Health to anything. "Their tiny bodies cannot house the energy they need to heal larger beings, so they simply curl it up and bring it with them."

Healing Mystic is a Neutral Basic Minion given to players when they start the game. She is a two mana cost minion with two attack and three health. She is the only Basic minion that can heal and as such can teach new players the value of healing. She also has an Opening Gambit that can be targeted for both allies and enemies which is very uncommon.

Her Opening Gambit, "Restore 2 Health to a Minion or General" is flexible and helps new players decide when it's better to heal their minions or themselves. This is unlike her sister card Emerald Rejuvenator, which only heals both generals. This flexibility leads to her being used in many decks and deck archetypes, not just ones trying to survive aggro.


Healing Mystic has very ideal stats for a 2-drop, even arguably better distribution than the Skyrock Golem, since unlike Skyrock, Healing Mystic doesn't die to a general's normal attack. Because of her good stat distribution, she can be summoned on turn one to gain tempo even if you do not gain any value from her Opening Gambit. However her early game potential shines on later turns when you can heal up your minions so that the enemy general cannot kill them. For example if your Rust Crawler just killed an enemy's Bloodtear Alchemist you can heal it back to full health with Healing Mystic so that your enemy cannot get a favorable trade. Late game she can also do this, however due to the scaling nature of more powerful minions it rarely gets as much value as the early game and unless you create an unfavorable trade for your opponent by healing your minions it's usually better to heal your general.


Lyonar has many cards that synergize with healing, such as Sunriser and Lightchaser. Healing Mystic is a cheap minion that provides healing while also providing tempo, as such in some cases it can be superior over Lyonar's Sundrop Elixir which neither produces a body, and prioritizes a greater amount of healing over tempo.


  • Healing Mystic used to share a sprite with Songweaver before it was changed to its current sprite.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.22 - Added: Healing Mystic 2 mana 1/4 - Opening Gambit: Heal 2 damage to any minion or General.

v. 0.0.30 - Changed stats to 2/3. Art changed.



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