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Faction Songhai Empire
Cost 1
Attack 1
Health 1

Ability Ranged

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Ranged Heartseeker is a Songhai Common Minion. She costs one core has one attack one health and Ranged. She is the cheapest and weakest Ranged minion available, the next cheapest being Vale Hunter who has one extra health over Heartseeker. She can be a slow and steady tempo swing if she doesn't get removed, and can ping for one damage each turn without buffs. This pinging can easily bring early 2/3s into your general's killing range, or you can just slowly chip down the enemy General.

Her one health makes her very weak to removal such as Bloodtear Alchemist and Ghost Lightning, as such it can be a risky play.

As with all ranged minions a Dispel basically makes this card near useless since she'll usually be positioned too far away to do anything.

Reva Eventide can summon a Heartseeker as her Bloodborn Spell (BBS).


Being a cheap Ranged minion she can easily get tons of value, especially with Songhai's line of buffs. In case they begin to encroach the area you have Heartseeker stationed you can use Mist Dragon Seal to both buff her and teleport her to safety. Killing Edge can especially be valuable as it turns a measly 1/1 into a 5/3 that needs to be answered. Deathstrike Seal can be used as a surprise kill shot on your opponent's big minions, especially if you can attack more than once with Inner Focus.

Compared with Jaxi this card is one mana cheaper and gives you a ranged minion immediately, however it can be difficult to find a safe place to put it.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Heartseeker 1 mana 2/1 Songhai Minion Ranged Opening Gambit: Deal 2 damage to your general.

v. 0.0.9 - Removed Opening Gambit. Stats changed to 1/1.


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