Duelyst Wiki

Iron Dervish.png
Faction Vetruvian Imperium
Tribe Dervish
Cost 1
Attack 2
Health 2
Rarity Token from
Zirix Starstrider

Spirit orb.png


Iron Dervish is a Token Vetruvian Dervish minion. This minion was introduced with the Seven Sisters update to Duelyst.


  • This minion is a member of the Dervish Tribe.  This means that this minion will synergize with other Dervishes but mainly some Vetruvian Obelysks
  • This minion can be summoned through multiple means:

Role in Duelyst[]

  • Iron Dervish was created in order to balance Zirix's Bloodbound spell by changing it from "Wind Shroud: Summon a Wind Dervish on a random nearby space" to "Iron Shroud: Summon a Iron Dervish on a random nearby space."
  • It is a minion that gives Zirix players access to a generic 2/2 minion that allows them to come back from a poor early start or bolster a game plan that is already going well.
  • It is a staple minion in almost all Vetruvian games due to the the popularity of Pax with both Vetruvian generals.

Patch Notes[]

v.1.66 - Added: The Seven Sisters update.