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Faction Magmar Aspects
Cost 5
Attack 1
Health 7

Ability Grow: +4/+4

Spirit orb.png


Grow: +4/+4

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Kolossus 5 mana 1/7 Grow: +4/+4

v. 0.0.25 - Rarity changed from Rare to Common.

Card Lore[]

Their skin was pale and hollowed with hunger after a winter weathering storms within the stone walls of Hvieg. Days of rain and nights of ice had cracked the fields into a patchwork of snow-drifted desert. They set sail across the Restless Sea under the lion’s crest, trembling from cold and fear.

They broke the truce when they set foot on Magaari land, but they paid no heed, focused on their quarry. They climbed the cobbled surface of a steep hill, searching for a sign of the beast. The ground began to ripple, to split. It erupted with an emerald flame, taking the scouts’ lives for its own.

The hunters descended the slope and circled, searching for the skull. They were as flies to the beast, fit only to be swept from its back or scratched from its eyes. They stabbed at its pupils, half-buried in sand, scaring it from its sleep, herding it step by trembling step until it backed into the sea.

Sweat mixed with seawater on the townspeople’s heads as they strained against the weight of their next thousand meals. The carcass dug its own trough to the sea as they dragged it up the beach. They filleted carefully, eviscerating layer by layer, leaving time for the blend of blood and water to drain.

The weapon of choice was more staff than sword, with a long wooden haft before it came down to the chisel tip two hand-lengths long. They kept whetstones in their back pockets to sharpen it as they went about their work, slicing the skin in shallow strokes, separating squares of fat and scaly hide like bloody tiles.

Children wormed through the carcass, searching every pocket, every fold, seeking the seed. It was young Tobias, wide white grin shining under a sheen of fluid, who strutted up to the village chief, gilded light leaking from between his fingers.

Hvieg would survive, yes, but it would also grow.


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