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Lasting Judgement.png
Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 2

Ability Give ANY minion +3 Attack, but -3 Health.

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Give ANY minion +3 Attack, but -3 Health.


  • This takes away health so it cleanly kills a Sunsteel Defender. The effect can be dispelled and will restore the 3 health to the enemy. For example, if you lasting judgement a Azure Horn Shaman, it becomes 4/1. If the Azure Horn Shaman than attacks a Tethermancer, it will survive and end up as a 1/3.
  • Lasting Judgement transforms and then kills the Moonlit Basilysk.

Balance Changes[]

  • v. 0.0.1 - Added: Lasting Judgement 2 mana "Give ANY minon +4 Attack, but -4 Health."
  • v. Unknown - Attack and Health integers lowered to 3.

Card Lore[]

This tribulation is a trial.

The combatants stand on opposite ends of the field, the sun glaring down from on high, judging. The two champions step forward, clad in their armor of honor and density—though they stand alone, their powers are those of the people, their hopes the hopes of the masses. One will prevail.

In the ring, the fighters strike in feints and forays, stepping carefully onto enemy ground, spear against sword. They focus on each other, circling. An ankle twists on a misstep—the other is already leaping forward, sword outstretched.

The sun pierces two banks of cloud to sit heavy on the swordsman’s shoulders as he descends, eyes wide, seeking the opponent in the glare. Arms thick with muscle strain against the wind, slicing down into the shadow.

The wind stops, the light fades, all momentum freezes. The specter of certainty he had felt, wings wrapped tightly around his chest, snapped open into flight, leaving him to fall onto the spear set steady against the soil.


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