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Faction Magmar Aspects
Tribe Golem
Cost 5
Attack 4
Health 7

Ability Opening Gambit: This minion fights a nearby enemy minion.

Ancient bonds orb.png
Ancient Bonds

Description[edit | edit source]

Opening Gambit: This minion fights a nearby enemy minion.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • "Fights" means that Lavaslasher deals 4 damage to the enemy minion and gets as much damage as much attack this minion has.
  • Because it is an Opening Gambit Lavaslasher also ignores Provoke. It also doesn't get buffed by First Sword of Akrane for the Opening Gambit.
  • Because fighting doesn't count as attack there are several minions whose effects don't work:
  1. it doesn't buff Wild Tahr
  2. it doesn't proc E'Xun and Frostiva
  3. Sunstone Templar doesn't dispel Lavaslasher
  4. Spiral Counter doesn't work
  5. Backstab also doesn't work
  6. Dampening Wave doesn't prevent the damage for Lavaslasher.
  7. Boulder Breacher's Bond ability doesn't work for Lavaslasher.
  8. Erratic Raptyr doesn't turn into an Egg.
  9. Day Watcher doesn't heal its general.
  10. Bonechill Barrier doesn't stun Lavaslasher.
  11. Bluetip Scorpion doesn't deal double damage to Lavaslasher even though Bluetip's ability is not described as an attack.

Balance Changes[edit | edit source]

Animations[edit | edit source]

Lavaslasher idle.gif
Lavaslasher breathing.gif
Lavaslasher run.gif
Lavaslasher attack.gif
Lavaslasher death.gif