The Lyonar Kingdom is a playable faction in Duelyst. They were the first faction to be revealed. Their units have high statlines, and most have combat focused effects. Their spells work well in tandem with their units, buffing them or using their high health to their advantage. The Lyonar Kingdom are situated in the North-West of the continent, and live on the largest landmass.

Lore Edit

The Lyonar Kingdom are a faction who hail from the North-West of the continent. They control the largest landmass, through their capital city of Windcliffe. In North-Eastern Lyonar you'll find the Crystal Caverns, situated beside the Ageonor's Pass. The Lyonar army is led by the Bloodborn General, Argeon Highmayne.

Cards Edit

Unique Traits: Edit

The Lyonar have access to two unique abilities that no other faction can use; Zeal and Retribution. Zeal is a keyword only given to minions. It's a bonus effect that activates whenever said minion is Nearby their General. (e.g. +2 Attack). Retribution is a keyword given to both units and spells. Retribution effects only target enemy units, and are essentially bonus effects that take place when the target enemy has attacked at least once in the current game. (e.g. Deal 2 damage to enemy unit. Retribution: Deal 4 damage instead).

Units: Edit

The Lyonar units have very cost efficient stats, several of whom become even better value through their Faction exclusive ability Zeal. High Health is an especially common thread between the units, having only one card who's Health is less then 3, and 5 units who have 6 or more Health. The Lyonar use this advantage quite well with their large amount of Provoke units, as they have 4 units with the ability, more then any other faction. The Lyonar's two most unique effects lie with Sunstone Templar and Grandmaster Z'Ir. Sunstone Templar dispels any unit it comes into battle with, serving as the only card in the game that can Dispel more than once. Grandmaster Z'Ir activates it's effect whenever his General is slain; he takes it's place, using his current Health and Attack and serving as the new General until the game's end.

Spells: Edit

The Lyonar Kingdom's spells are somewhat linear, being only capable of buffing allies or damaging enemies, but what they do, they do well. Their cheaper spells have very cost-efficient effects, while their most expensive cards change the landscape of the battlefield completely. Their two most unique spells are Decimate and Aegis Barrier. Decimate destroys all units not beside a General, whereas Aegis Barrier gives the entire Lyonar army Forcefield for a single turn.

Artifacts: Edit

The Lyonar Kingdom's Artifacts are debatably the weakest in the game, balancing out their strength in other areas. Sunstone Bracer gives Argeon one extra Attack, which for a single core is relatively potent. The amount of units that can be killed with 3 Attack instead of two is quite significant, at least in the case of certain factions. Skywind Glaives acts as a pseudo-Zeal, giving your units an additional 2 Attack as long as they remain Nearby your General. For four cores, however, it's somewhat situational and not necessarily worth the risk, unlike most Lyonar cards.

Analysis Edit

Strategy: Edit

The Lyonar Kingdom are one of the most well-rounded factions in the game, striking a nice balance between offensive prowess and defensive utility. They can pull off an aggressive squad quite well, pushing against their opponents and outlasting them with their strong units. True Strike, Windblade Adept, Silverguard Knight, Azurite Lion and Tempest are all cards which give the Lyonar a potent boost in the early and mid game.

Sundrop Elixir is the Lyonar's only free cost card, and although not hugely popular, it does allow the Lyonar to make their units even more cost efficient. Auryn Nexus is a basic buffing card that works really well in tandem with almost all Lyonar cards. Counter-Riposte is one of two ways the Lyonar have to use Strikeback, which in a faction with high Health, is extremely useful. Silverguard Squire is one of the most cost efficient cards in the entire game, having a 306% efficiency on his Health stat when compared to other units. Sunstone Bracer is a surprisingly potent bonus for just a single core, as it allows your General to do quite significant damage (approximately an additional 20% of the game's units can be destroyed with the Sunstone Bracers). True Strike and Beam Shock are two cheap Lyonar spells, and both serve as some of the game's best forms of removal. Both give the Lyonar a distinct advantage in gaining momentum over other factions in the earlygame, and scale very well. In the lategame True Strike can be used to wear down or kill the opposing General, whereas Beam Shock can take out opposing units many times it's own value.

Divine Bond is a strong buffing card for the Lyonar, but one of their few situational cards. It may not be worth the risk in taking it unless you can use it on a unit with either buffed or high health, and may stay in the hand or be discarded if drawn early. Still, it provides the Lyonar with a great deal of unsuspected burst and provides an immediate threat. Lasting Judgement is useful as aside from being a somewhat mediocre buffing card, it also serves as removal for any enemy unit, essentially dealing 4 damage. However, it's greatly outshone by Divine Bond on a buffing front, as any friendly unit who would survive the -4 Health would receive more Attack from Divine Bond anyway. Lightchaser provides an impressive 6 damage on Retribution, but is the Lyonar's only frail card. Although a Health buffing card can easily remedy that. Sun Bloom is the strongest Dispel in the game, affecting a large area of both tiles and units, but doesn't produce any other effect other then Dispelling. Depending on what your squad is weak to, a Sun Bloom could be highly useful. A card that'll probably be more useful in the majority of situations is Sunstone Templar, a unit who can Dispel any target it comes across. It's low cost and added Rush effects make it a highly versatile unit who also provides a good target for buffing spells. War Surge is another situational buff, but the fact it affects all your units and improves both their stats makes it a hard to deal with threat, as splitting the bonus amongst various units gives your opponent less of a Dispel / Removal target. Windblade Adept is a very cost efficient card in both stats, especially when boosted by Zeal. It's ideal attack and substantial durability for only two cores makes it a staple in any Lyonar squad who wants to excel in the earlygame. Aegis Barrier is similiar to War Surge in it's situationality, but instead of increasing your own options, it restricts your opponent's. Aegis Barrier is incredibly hard to deal with when used on multiple units, and scales well throughout the game. However, the fact that it does little to develop your board presence without requiring you to already have one means it could be discarded in several scenarios, but when it is used right, it can close out games all by itself.

Lionheart Blessing is the Lyonar's least situational buffing card, but in trade-off leaves it with less potential. It paints a target apon a unit's head, but if the opponent is lacking removal, it can do a lot of destruction. It is especially strong when used on a critical unit early. Lysian Brawler is the second of the Lyonar's cards that use Strikeback, but also coming with Provoke makes it into a deadly combination. It's one of the best recipients of buffing cards, as the combination of abilities can seriously damage the opponent. Martydom is straight up removal for only 3 cores, but has the side effect of restoring Health to the respective General. It's versatile, as it can also be used on your own unit if you're in need of healing, but if you would mainly use it for destroying opponents, a Beam Shock or even True Strike may be a better fit. Silverguard Knight is a safe, simple card, but doesn't have much offensive prowess unless it is beside your General. A reliable unit that should be included in a deck with too many situational cards. Arclyte Sentinel has solid stats, and although his ability can be used as a somewhat weak buff for your units, it can also be used to deal 2 damage to any Nearby enemy units. It falls somewhat in the shadow of Azurite Lion, a card with one less Attack and Health, but instead has Rush and Celerity. It's one of the Lyonar's strongest cards, as not only does it benefit from all the stat buffing cards at the Lyonar's disposal, it can also remove enemy threats very easily, and it has enough Health to survive some hits. Holy Immolation is an AoE removal who's very threat will force your opponent to be wary of grouping their units together. It works perfectly with Provoke cards, as it can damage all the Nearby rooted enemies while also healing off the damage the unit takes. Skywind Glaives is another simple Lyonar Artifact, and somewhat undeliverable. Although it's effect can be really potent if you have lots of units, the Nearby range of the Aura and the low life expectancy of Artifacts makes it so there are generally better options available.

Suntide Maiden is another Zeal unit, who's health restores every turn so long as it remains at it's General's side. It's effect deters opponent's from attacking this unit, although usually an opponent wouldn't attack unless they could fully destroy it anyway. Giving it a Health buff makes it a very dangerous threat, but without it it is somewhat hard to fully utilise. Tempest is a destructive answer to certain Factions and strategies, but since the Lyonar have quite a lot of units with good Health stats, it'll often damage the opponent much more then the user. It's relatively cheap cost also allows it to be used early. Decimate is a more expensive version of Tempest, but allows the Lyonar to have more control over it's result. It's more powerful versus certain factions, but even the threat of a well played Decimate should alter the opponent's playstyle. Ironcliffe Guardian is a Provoke unit with a behemothic Health stat who can make excellent use of Divine Bond. It's Airdrop effect allows you to put it into a perfect Provoking position, or send it to the backlines and Provoke enemy Ranged units. Second Sun is a very cost efficient card, but is restricted to staying by it's General's side. It's got more then enough Attack to deal with any threat, and a very large Health pool to ensure it gets the job done. It's a safe card, but somewhat hard to use offensively due to the Zeal Aura. Circle of Life is a spell that had both offensive and defensive properties. It's effect also scales well, as the ability to damage the opponent General while also healing your own is a significant boost to your chance of winning. It is highly expensive though, and mostly takes up your entire turn. Elyx Stormblade is a versatile card, as it's Provoke ability and high stats make it a good recipient of buffs, and it's Dying Wish means that very little removal effects (exclusive to Dark Transformation and Dispel effects) can actually fully stop it in it's tracks. It's Dying Wish also works extremely well with Tempest and Decimate. Grandmaster Z'Ir provides a safety net for the faction, making it so a desperate opponent can't just focus down your General. It's effect essentially gives your General 8 extra Health, but it does receive a considerably boosted Attack after Z'Ir takes on the General role. Has decent synergy with Tempest.

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