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Faction Neutral
Tribe Mech
Cost 4
Attack 6
Health 6
Rarity Token from
Ability Airdrop, Forcefield, Frenzy, Ranged

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MECHAZ0R! is a neutral token Mech minion with 6 attack and 6 health. This minion has Airdrop, Frenzy, Ranged, and Forcefield. Unlike a normal minion, a player cannot put a copy of this minion in their deck and summon it. This minion has specific summoning criteria that has to be met in order to summon this end game minion, hence it being a Token minion. Thus, this minion has lead to the creation of its own deck archetype, the MECHAZ0R! deck, which can be incorporated and utilized by all competing factions in the Duelyst Universe.


This token minion can be summoned via five different ways:

  1. Summon five of any of the Mech Minions below:
  2. Obtain a copy of this Minion through Alter Rexx's effect.
  3. Obtain a copy of this Minion by chance through Z0r's Dying Wish.
  4. Obtain a copy of this Minion through Khymera's effect.
  5. Draw a copy of this Minion from your deck after activating Nightmare Operant's Dying Wish.


Mechaz0r! itself is the win condition for the Mechaz0r! deck archetype. When you summon a Mechaz0r!, it forces your opponent to take one of two options: outrace you by killing your general before you destroy their general or expend resources in order to neutralize the minion either by destroying it or dispelling it. Either way, it forces them to either quicken their battle strategy, abandoned their battle strategy in favor for survival, or ideally surrender/ succumb to the wrath of this minion.

Note that playing Mech minions is an absolute giveaway for Mechaz0r!, and therefore the opponent has multiple turns in front of him to replace its cards and draw a dispel or removal. As such, a Mech deck should never rely solely on Mechaz0r! as its only win condition.

There are two strategies that are usually used with Mechaz0r! placement:

  • The first, most common use of this Massive Mech is to place it somewhere out of reach of the enemy general and minions and use its Ranged capability to massively chip away at the enemy general's health. However, this is susceptible to being dispelled with spells or minions and reducing its value extremely.
  • The second, less common use of this Minion is to keep it near the enemy general, utilizing its ability to Frenzy to clear pesky minions nearby the general. In addition, the Mechaz0r! is still a threat even if its dispelled since the enemy general still has to deal with an 6/6 minion on board.

It is possible to complete MECHAZ0R!'s build more than once and therefore to summon more than one MECHAZ0R!. In practical terms though, building a second Mechaz0r! through playing a second string of Mech minions rarely happens.



  • Mechaz0r! has a tendency to switch ownership when multiple are in play.

Balance Changes[]

  • v. 1.92 - Rework of Mechs. Changed from 8/8 with airdrop, frenzy, ranged, and 'cannot be targeted by ANY spells' to 6/6 with airdrop, forcefield, frenzy, and ranged.


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