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A mana tile in its unconsumed form.

Mana Tiles (or Mana orbs) are special tiles. When you summon or move a unit you control onto an unconsumed mana tile, you gain one extra mana crystal for that turn only.


  • There are three mana tiles on a Duelyst Battlefield: one on the middle tile; one on the top row and one on the bottom row. The tiles on the top and bottom rows are in the fourth column from the left.
  • A mana tile can be dispelled, denying the untouched core altogether.
  • Mana tiles are also destroyed by placing faction-specific special tiles, such as Shadow Creep onto them.
  • Each mana tile is consumed the first time in a game it is used and will not grant bonus mana to either player on a subsequent turn.
  • Celebrant's Opening Gambit can create a mana tile.
  • The extra mana crystal is gained by the owner of the unit that moves onto it: For example if you use Daemonic Lure to move an opponent's minion onto a mana tile, you do not gain a mana crystal, but your opponent will gain it (won't be able to use it, though. See denial strategy below)


  • Mana globes are crucial to helping establish an early board presence.
  • Stealing the middle core globe as player one is a common strategy in the current meta.
  • Sometimes, even if you can't make use of the extra core, denying it to your enemy may be worthwhile.