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Faction Lyonar Kingdoms
Cost 3

Ability Destroy ANY minion. Restore that minion's Health to its General.

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Destroy ANY minion. Restore that minion's Health to its General.

Balance Changes[]

v. 0.0.1 - Added: Martyrdom 3 mana "Destroy ANY minion. Restore that minion's Health to its General.

v. 0.0.5 - Cost lowered to 2.

v. 0.61.0 - Cost raised to 3.

Card Lore[]

'Make way for Lord Highmayne! Make way!' screamed the lieutenant.

With arms outstretched, he pushed through the crowd, bellowing at all who blocked his way. Soldiers snapped to the side of the path toward the domed tent. Their eyes averted from the covered form, their nostrils flared against the scent of cooked flesh. The lieutenant fumbled with the tent clasp, then pulled the flap open, standing to the side in a crisp salute, hand barely trembling.

Four Silverguard Knights shone beneath the burden on their shoulders. They set the stretcher down gently on the bed, helmets pushing against the cloth roof as they each backed into a corner, vainly hoping for a healer.

None could come. For their bodies littered the arena crater, where Argeon, unyielding and untouchable, stood unbent against the Spiral Technique’s pillar of fire. Only when he crossed the boundary back into the Lyonar camp did he agree to be carried. Now, he raised a blackened hand from the bed, reaching to one corner.

'Alyn,' he whispered, 'I need you.'

The Knight emerged from his corner, drew his sword from its scabbard, and set the hilt softly in his General’s hand. Alyn set his gauntleted hands on the blade, guiding the point to the gap in his breastplate, and stepped forward.

As the Knight fell, the General rose to his feet—whole and hale and haunted.

He strode from the tent. Only three Knights followed.


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