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If you are a new player and need help there are community members willing to help you! Just send them a friend invite in the game or talk to them on Reddit, Forum or Discord! You can ask them general questions of course but they also specialize in things.

If you look for guides then go here for New Player Guides or the complete collection of Guides.

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Name IGN/Forum Discord Reddit Offer Status
Boronian Boronian Boronian#2002 Boronian1 He does video replay analyses for you if you struggle with a certain matchup or if you lost a game and you aren't sure why or if you just have difficulties in general. Just send him your decklist (import link or imgur link from [www.bagoum.com Bagoum]) and a friend invite in the game. He will upload the video privately and send you a link to it. After watching it you can decide if it should go public or not. Active
LEL7 LEL7 LEL7#7839 LEL700 Gives in-game coaching, teaching how to play the game. If you’re in Bronze or Silver, hit LEL7 up on Discord! Would prefer being contacted on Discord. Active
Starkly Starkly Starkopotamus#7036 - Offers replay analyses and ingame coaching just hit him up on Discord or ingame! Active