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Faction Neutral
Cost 3
Attack 2
Health 3

Ability After this moves, draw a card.

Spirit orb.png


Every time this moves, draw a card.



This card is named for the online personality MegaMogwai, who uploaded a lot of Duelyst gameplay videos in the past.


  • v. 0.49.0 - Added: Mogwai 3 mana 2/4 "After this minion moves, draw a card."
  • v. 0.61.0 - Stats changed to 2/3.
  • v. 1.95 - rotated out of Standard. Only usable in Unlimited.
  • v. 1.96 - Rotation reverted.

Card Lore[]

Two summers had passed inside the Monolith. The Weeping Tree continued its silence.

'Still no wish.' L’Kian sighed. Mogwai’s shoulders hunched in dismay.

She stood in the interior courtyard of the Monolith, scanning the surrounding trees soaring hundreds of feet overhead, supported by monolithic columns of white stone.

'You did save my life.' She brushed her silver hair. 'Follow me.'

She took a breath, leapt into the foliage, and vaulted over the branches as if on an invisible stairway. Mogwai readjusted his halberd across his ceramic armor as he hopped on a supple branch, balancing on the balls of his feet, then barreled through the air, bracing for impact against the chamber wall. His fingers gripped vines and stone as he gazed up. She was already a red speck in the distance. Faster than him, as always.

By the time Mogwai caught up with her at the top of the walls, the courtyard below was a blur of dizzying green.

'Never before,' he panted, 'Have I been this high up.'

'There’s something else you need to see.'

She gestured skyward. Mogwai hauled himself up the ledge, and a strong gale whipped across his body. Eroded by the constant wind, the wide walls and ancient structures ended in ripples of weathered stones that looked like polished ivory. Red glowing petals swirled with the circular air currents, their dance inviting him up, up, up, until he found himself perched on top of the highest platform. He smiled behind his mask.

The outside spread below him.

On the outer edges of the gleaming white walls was a city within a city suspended above a yawning chasm. In the distance, the rolling hills and crimson forests transformed into mountains, their peaks lost in the clouds. The air tasted of snow.

Then he felt her hand on his shoulder and heard her voice into his ear.

His eyes flooded with tears as she traced her fingers in the air, illuminating the six glowing characters of a single word. The wind strengthened and whistled, the earth shook and rumbled, and the sun shone brighter and warmer.

'This is my true name, Mogwai' she said. 'It’s yours to carry.'

'To carry?'

'Travel where I can’t go, witness what I can’t see, and find what I can’t seek. I trust you, love.'

And she pushed him over the edge.


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