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List with guides for new players[]

This is only a small selection of available guides, specifically chosen for new players. If you want more go here.

Some basic tips for you!

And a great F2P guide if you want to know how to get the most out of Duelyst without any money.

  • But where to get the spirit for deckbuilding? Disenchanting helps you but how to know which cards are bad enough for that? This guide will tell you!


  • Boronian overexplains in this video series every decision he does to show his thought process during a Duelyst game.
  • It is also important to know what and how to play around certain cards which see a lot of play.
  • The Replace function is a core element in Duelyst. But how to use it correctly? SonofMakuta explains that.
  • TheTacticalGmr explains basic strategies involving Provoke.
  • This is helping you if you are nervous or frustrated about losing on the ladder.



A basic deck should attempt to deliver a winning situation, and to do that stay functional and relevant as the game progresses, the available mana increases and the opponent plays threats. Common advice for beginners is:

  • Have 9+ useful minions with cost 1-2, as it's good to play something on the first turn
  • Some cards with Dispel or Transform that will allow to deal with massive threats
  • Ability to use all available mana every turn: Card draw, a good mana curve (good span in individual card cost)
  • A couple of late-game bombs, that win the game if the opponent has no counter.

The game has endless possibilities and the above are just guidelines to help new players in the general direction of a good first deck. Many advanced decks build on these guidelines, many others are specialized in sometimes drastically different ways.

There exist different Deck Archetypes. For more depth and advanced discussions, please see Deckbuilding.

Further reading

  • At the awesome Duelspot you can upload your decks, get them rated by the community and look at other decks!
  • How to build a good deck? SonofMakuta explains how that works. ImprobableBlob's thoughts on that topic are also very helpful. And here are great tips from several Reddit user on that topic.
  • Are you curious what you get from leveling up your faction? This answers all your questions!
  • This guide tells you what cards you can safely disenchant to get more spirit. It also tells you what cards are important and good to craft. It also gives you examples for different archetypes.
  • This tells you how to best spend some money if you want to do so. However, wait until the last weekend of the month because there is always a diamond sale!
  • If you want to have a deck which brings you pretty far after only few hours these only basic cards decks are what you need and what you can build upon.
  • Are you interested in tierlists to know which decks are the best in the meta (in S-rank / Diamond though) right now? Then look here: Decklists#Tierlists

More about Deckbuilding can be found here.

You want to know more? The wiki offers a bigger guide collection here and a great decklist collection can be found here.

You also could ask an experienced player as a mentor to help you out. For that look here.

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